2014 - New Year, New Achievements.


(Cute little 2014 diary gifted to me for Christmas - posted on my instagram)
Happy New Year!

I'm a bit late writing this post, featuring my New Years Resolutions (what I like to call my 'Goals for the year'); however, I've purposely done this so that I was able to decide on do-able goals, instead of setting hopeless ones.

Personally, I know that 2014 is going to be a big year for me...
I'm GOING TO sort out my educational/career oppurtunities, and it's going to be the year in which I need to take a BIG STEP, become independent, and grow up!

You may have read my 'Do What Makes You Happy Post', where I shared my view on college and gave the reasons for leaving, and if so you'll know that I'm focused on doing what makes me happy (hence the past post title). That's why 2014 is going to be a dramatically (maybe?) changing year for me. I'M GOING TO SORT MY LIFE OUT - YAY! (Any of you doing the same? We can share our nail biting journeys together!)

But aside from this there are other personal achievements I want to make this year- things I want to improve, change, and introduce to my life. So, just like last years New Year post, which you can read here, I'm going to let you in on what they are (watch out, some are the same - I didn't do very well).

  • Pass My Driving Test: After turning 17 in September 2013, I'm eager to do an intensive driving course, and fingers crossed, pass my test without leaving many failed attempts in my rear view mirror (see what I did there ey? ;)) I'm 100% determined to find the time to do this ASAP! I can't imagine how nice it will be to not rely on others or public transport to get around.. Actually, I can imagine it. I imagine it to be pretty good! 

  • Find an Apprenticeship/Full Time Job That Can Offer Me Qualifications: All I want is to be able to get respected qualifications, without going to college or Uni. Is that too much to ask for? Probably. Well, I'm going to try anyway!

  • Blog More: This will probably be one of my New Year Goals every single year. I feel happy when I can re-read a draft post and say "yeah, I'm pleased with that. I'm gonna publish that one!", so why I don't do it more often is beyond me! C'MON CHLOE, BLOG MORE!

  • Upload a YouTube Video: I have wanted to start a YouTube channel for a long, long time now, but still haven't been able to put one up; even after filming many of the long winded things! I'd really like to overcome my worries of starting a regularly updated channel, and am hoping to do so this year, whether its tomorrow or the 31st of December 2014.

  • Become a Neat & Tidy Person: hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! This one's a bit of a long shot. I've never been able to keep my room tidy, wash up, or put things back after using them. Optimistically I'm wanting to keep my room neat and organised, as well as being organised in general.

  • Get Up Early(ish): Since leaving college, I have began getting up really late in the morning (sometimes afternoon, oops!), therefore not being able to do the slightest productive thing in a day. I want to get up between 7 and 9 every day (even Sundays omg), as I think this will genuinely give me more energy, and help me get A LOT MORE done!

  • Drink More Water/Be Healthier/Cook More (New Things) : Overall I don't drink enough, whether it's water I'm drinking or not. I'd like to drink more water as the benefits it has on your skin are great! I'd also like to try new healthy recipes out and incorporate them into everyday home cooking. 
Now I've written this, I have no excuse for "giving up" or "forgetting what they were". I'm going to try my hardest to stick to these as they'll all benefit me, and when I see the results I know I'll be pleased I did! 
Do you have any Resolutions or Little Goals for 2014? I'd love to know what they are -  maybe it will give me some more to try and achieve! 
Good Luck with all your plans for this year. I hope 2014 is good to all of you!

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  1. Good luck with all your goals, I'm sure you'll achieve them! <3

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com

    1. Thanks Jennie! Hopefully I will, that's why I chose to make 'smaller' ones, rather than the ones harder to achieve!

  2. aww i have been trying to pluck up the courage to put up youtube videos too!im hoping to do it soon i just haven't had time yet!im feeling much more confident about it now than i was before but i am so determined that i am going to do it!!looking forward to seeing yours when you upload them:)xx

    1. I'd absolutely love to do YouTube and am determined to start soon! I'm sure you'd enjoy it just as much as I hope too. Aww thank you lovely, and yours too if you start! X

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