Ted Baker The Great & The Gorgeous Cream Eyeshadow


The main shop where my January sale shopping takes place is Boots and this year, just like any other, I came away with some great purchases! My favourite half price purchase was the Ted Baker The Great & The Gorgeous make-up set, full of pink, and rose gold! C'mon, What's not to like?

This eye look created using the cream eye shadow and eyeliner pen is super quick, easy, and long lasting! I just use my finger to apply the cream eyeshadow which makes it good if you're on the go! It's very creamy so it's easy to apply and can also be used as a good base for eyeshadow. I then used the Ted Baker eyeliner and then my usual mascara. This look really is as simple to create as it sounds! 
Colour payoff is good, but when set, is more coppery toned than it looks (pink) in the pot. Ted Baker is well known for its rose gold hardware and accessories so I'm sure that's why it come out less pink than assumed from the first look! 
Overall, this is a lovely cream eyeshadow. It's very pigmented and sets quickly, staying set! 

Have any of you tried Ted Baker cosmetics before? What did you think?

(Thank you to Chloe from cornbread or velvet who gave me a confidence boost with this post. You should all go and have a look at her lovely blog!)

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  1. The cream eyeshadow and liner combination is gorgeous! I am a sucker for anything rose gold so i think it looks lovely :D

    Sophia Meola | A Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog


  2. This sounds and looks lovely! I just recently treated myself to a ted baker make-up bag and love it all I need now is some ted baker products ;) I will have to give this a try xx


  3. The products are lovely! A Ted Baker make up bag is always on my wishlist!

  4. Never tried Ted Baker cosmetics, but I should
    it does look gorgeous on you :)

    1. I'm super impressed with the products! Thank you.


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