Polishes for a Pound


From L-R: Sinful Colours Professional (943 Hot Spot), Rimmel Lasting Finish (406 cute as a kitten), Maybelline Forever Strong (240 Lilac Charm), Sally Hansen Sugar Coat (400 Sweetie).

I always make sure to pop into Poundland whenever I'm near one, and have a nose at their beauty section. They always have a few well known branded items up on their shelves, and obviously they are priced at a ridiculous discount (£1 if you hadn't guessed haha)! This is one of the many times I have been able to pick up products in the colours and brands I like, which is a surprise as you'd think the colours and products stocked at such a cheap price tag would be unwearable. Well, that's not the case and I came away with 4 shades I will be able to wear throughout SS14. 

As soon as I saw the two on the right, Spring came to mind. They are a pair of pretty pastels - always popular in the season that's now on it's way! The lilac Maybelline polish caught my eye straight away, as I absoloutely love anything purple or lilac! I only own one other lilac polish though, and it's not as pastel as this. The Sally Hansen Sugar Coat is a textured polish, which I thought would be fun to try out, and seeing as I don't already own a yellow, I couldn't leave it behind. 
Keeping with the idea of adding yellow to my vast nail polish collection, I also purchased a vibrant yellow Rimmel Polish which will compliment a tan in the summer! The midnight blue Sinful Colours polish is a complete contrast to the other three - it's a dark shade, with shimmer. Because of this difference I thought it would be a good alternative, to the brights, for summer nights out, and parties!

Watch out for these on my nails in the coming months, I'm sure they'll be a few Instagrams of them soon! 
Have you grabbed any beauty bargains in cheap shops like Poundland lately? 

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  1. You managed to pick up some gorgeous shades! Thet SH sugar coat yellow shade will be perfect for the summer time :D

    Sophia Meola | A Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog



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