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Race for Life 2012

Last year my family and I took part in Race for Life in order to do our bit for Cancer Research UK. It was our first but definitely not our last time taking part and I am so glad I began contributing to such a heart felt and close cause. I was lucky enough for an event to be held very close to where I live last year and was able to take part at Worthing Seafront as I am this year once again. 
As we were new to the whole experience, neither myself or my family could even guess what it would be like on the day, so when we arrived at the event every single one of us were overwhelmed with the event as a whole. The atmosphere we were surrounded in was overwhelming and every person taking part had a personal reason for their contribution which we were able to see from their personal and inspirational messages worn upon their backs. I was only 6 when my Gran died and being unable to get to know her, it's an honour to try and stop the same thing  from happening again and again to people just like you and me. There were definitely no hidden secrets when it came to people's stories and we all took part as one; a group of women wanting the same thing - for everyone to walk, run, or jog in the future with the words "we beat it" pinned to our backs.

Race for Life is a fundraising event set up by Cancer Research and partnered with Tesco in which women take part in a race, either by walking, jogging or running, after gaining sponsors and trying to raise money to fund research and medical treatment (don't worry if you don't reach your target girls, the smallest amount makes a difference). Participants may have cancer, have lost someone to cancer, beaten cancer or may have no personal link at all to "the big C". Anyone is welcome to take part and the more people that do, the stronger the fight we have. An astonishing £51 million was raised last year alone because of Race for Life and this year I'm sure we can beat it!

2013 is the year that Race for Life is getting serious. It's time to stand face to face with cancer and fight it. As Cancer Research have said themselves "It's time to hit cancer where it hurts." This year it's all about standing up, toughening up and facing up to cancer (no fists are needed on race day though thank you). 
In my eyes and I'm certain everyone else's, every woman who takes part is an inspiration, whatever reason they have behind their participation. Whether you've been affected or not I strongly recommend any woman who can takes part in any way at all. The pride shown on people's faces crossing the finishing line is without a doubt a chance you shouldn't miss, even if it is just once. 
Please remember:

Cancer kills people. Research kills Cancer.

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  1. Recently my Mom had a cancer scare, I felt my life shattering, but thankfully it wasn't that.

    This is a lovely post, thank for sharing this. It's so nice to see people working with a cause, and adding more meaning to their blog. xx

    1. I'm so glad it was only a scare. If you ever need a chat feel free to email me or anything - my email's on my 'about' page.
      This post is more of a serious one and is important to me than usual so I'm glad you thought it worked well. Thank You.


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