Merry Monday



It's monday here on A Girl Behind a Lens and you know what that means... (hands up if you read that as if you were Daily Grace).

This Monday, the sun's out, you probably won't be at work or school, and so you're day is probably already going great! In my eyes everyone begins to become much happier when summer's approaching, the weathers warm, and we have time to spend with the people closest to us. But, we can't let our happiness ONLY be down to the sun, and the season. We have control of how we feel. Sometimes it might not feel like we do, but believe me we can make a difference to how we feel, whether the sun's out regardless. 

Having done more than half my exams now and only having to go to school for relevant subjects starting June, I am feeling very HAPPY lately and I hope all of you are too, whatever you're doing. I'm someone who believes the smallest change can contribute to our happiness. If you're not feeling as good as you have previously, do something about it!


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