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Unlike a large portion of beauty bloggers, I am not an owner of MUJI plastic makeup storage or the MALM drawers from IKEA. Instead, I use the top (and smallest) drawer in my my chest of drawers to store my makeup. The drawer is a lovely size for the amount I need to store in it, and gives me enough space to use boxes for seperation, as well as leaving space for my fragrances. 

As for the method of seperation, I remove the lids of past Glossyboxes and then use seperate boxes for the seperate categories of makeup. I also use a couple of boxes that were used to package christmas gifts (the floral ones and neon pink). These are for anything that didn't fit in the other categories, such as brushes, samples and eyelashes.
All of the boxes I use in this drawer are somehow reused. Even the plastic box that I use for mascaras, eyeliners and brow pencils is an Ice Watch box.

This way of storing makeup works extremely well for me. I love being able to only have to open one drawer, and to see everything I need to. It's easy to find things I want, and to put them back. Apart from Dad moaning at me that the drawer's being weighed down (haha), I think this is the best place to store my makeup and is a very cheap alternative to purchasing actual storage solutions, as well as finding a place to put them!

How do you store your makeup? Are you a MUJI or MALM fan, or a DIY fan?

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