Birthday Present Wrapping


Today it was my friends birthday, and I'm sure you've guessed by the pictures.. her name's Jess!

In the past I've always loved wrapping gifts and adding ribbon, but after wrapping a whole load of presents I  lost all enjoyment in it and gladly handed the job over to my Mum. But last night, when I had nothing better to do, and instead of asking good old Mum to do it for me, I decided to wrap Jess' presents myself, and after a minute or two I began getting into it a bit too much and ended going OTT on the whole idea (although I was very happy with the outcome)!

Firstly, (being creative and all) I made some gift tags from parcel paper, stapled two sides together, and addressed each gift to my friend. I know it would have probably been a lot easier to just write on a bought gift tag, but why do it the easy way ? Not me, No.. I decided to cut it all out myself; the result was great, and personally I think it looked that little bit better than it would have if I used 'shop bought' tags.

After wrapping each of the smaller presents with distressed,white and pink, heart patterned paper, tying with ribbon and adding bows, I chose a different mirrored, metallic wrapping paper for the last present. It was going great until I didn't cut enough silver paper for the present and only realised this once I had wrapped the  paper around it. But me.. whilst I was in my creative mind set, I used the parcel paper to my advantage, covering a square of it in small "16's" and a great big one (Jess' age if you hadn't already guessed). And afterwards, this looked just as good too. I also used the same mirrored wrapping paper to cut Jess' name out  to stick on the envelope to her huuuuge card. 

I honestly don't know where we bought this wrapping paper from, however I'm sure paper similar to this and the parcel paper can be bought from Amazon or eBay!
I hope this post has given you a few ideas on Gift Wrapping, do you have any tips of your own?

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