February 2013 Valentines Edition GlossyBox


Glossybox £12.95 (including postage) 
As you know, February is the "Month of Love" with Valentines Day being on the 14th. So this month, Glossybox sent all their subscribers and 'one-off ' customers a Valentines inspired box. After receiving this box earlier than I expected, I was excited to see what was hiding inside. At the first sight of this month's box I loved the floral detail around the glossybox symbol which added that extra special touch. 

As soon as I lifted the lid of this month's box, I was instantly impressed with the contents; being presented with three make up products, which usually all subscribers ask for more of. As well as the usual beauty related products, everyone was also sent a sweet, little, heart shaped lollipop. As soon as I set eyes on the sent samples, I immediately decided I preferred this month's box to that of January (The Detox Box).

One of the make up products inside the box was a Micabella Mineral Eye Shadow and I received mine in the shade 'Intelligence'. In my opinion I would say this is a bronze kind of colour and is full of shimmer. I haven't used this yet although it looks as if it will look beautiful in the light and be a great shadow to use for smoky eyes. In the leaflet given with the box, it also says that this shadow contains Micabella's waterproof formula which will allow the colour to last and stay super pigmented which I'm hoping it to live up to my expectations.

Lipstick photographed with flash and without
This Miners Lip Colour in the shade 'Dreamer' is a very pretty, pinky/purple, girly lipstick. There is a lot of shimmer in this, so if you only like or prefer matt shades, this probably isn't for you. After applying this though, the shimmer was quite subtle compared to what I thought it would have been like and made my lips feel very moisturised whilst I was wearing it. I did take a quick look on Miners Cosmetics website and they do sell matt shades in this product at only £3.99. Also as a little added fact, Miners Cosmetics are suppliers of Dancing on Ice, so if you liked any of the looks worn on the show you can most probably buy the products from their website. 

The last make up product in this month's box was a MeMeMe Fat Cat Lengthening Mascara. After using this the first night I received it, I was overly impressed. Usually with previous mascaras I found that after a long night they left dark smudges under my eyes; however, this Fat Cat one didn't. After adding volume to my lashes and lengthening them, it lasted a very long time and I was really happy with the outcome.

 Aside from the make up products in the box this month, I received a Anatomicals you need a blooming shower Body Cleanser (it's a bit of a mouthful, I know). The vibrant pinks and yellows on the tube/bottle caught my attention straight away and I was expecting the scent to reflect that, although it didn't. I love the rose scent however, and in my opinion I'd say it smells a lot like turkish delight. I haven't used it yet but can't wait to and I'm sure it will work just as good as it smells.

I've always envied those with naturally, super shiny hair and was very happy to find a Shine Spray in my box this month. After hearing endless great reviews on Sassoon, this also made it that even bit better. Just like it says it's meant to be, the spray was very light and left my hair shiny AND smooth. 

Overall, this month's glossybox has left me very happy and I've loved everything included in the box. 
Did you receive anything different in your box this month? What did you think of the 2013 Valentines Edition box?

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  1. i got mine yesterday but i had no lollie pop in it. how sad.

    1. Oh No :O That's unfair! Hope you were happy with the products they managed to send you though Xxx

  2. Looks like a great box, love the anatomicals and the lipstick!

    A little bit Unique


    Oh and I'm running a giveaway, if you want to pop over and have a nosey! Giveaway here

    1. It really was a great box this month! Thanks for letting me know about the giveaway, I've entered Xx

  3. Great stuff! That lip color is so beautiful! And the cleaner packaging is really cute & clever :)

  4. These are totally cute!!wish I can have them :) heheh



    1. I think they're great and really loved this month's!


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