Christmas Gifts


This year for Christmas presents I bought polka dot glasses and filled them with chocolates and sweets. For each glass I bought a necklace (from primark) to differentiate them . For example, In Molly's glass (a horse lover) I put a horse shoe necklace in it which meant I didn't have to put a tag on it, even though I did because I decided it added that extra decorative touch.

After completely filling with mini toblerones, chocolate oranges, little chocolate santas, candy canes, maoams, and refreshers, I wrapped the bottom of each glass with different wrapping paper to make it more christmassy and then with cellophane gift wrap (the one used to wrap flower bouquets).  I bought this last year from ebay as I used the same idea before, however used mugs instead of glasses. If you want to buy this cellophane gift wrap (5m) you can here, although you may be able to find a cheaper price if you look through a few. I tied them with ribbon (you need about 4 hands for this), added a gift tag, and after 20 minutes I had made and wrapped my christmas gifts to give to my closest friends. This is such an easy thing to do, and if I received this I would be more than happy.

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  1. Great idea, I will definitely be doing something like this for birthday presents, such an personal /creative gift!


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