December Primark Haul



The towns I regularly visit don't have a Primark store so I have to travel around 30-40 minutes to the nearest one. This means that I don't often visit Primark, so when I do I don't just walk out with one or two items. On Saturday I went to Primark and to be honest I realised that the drive isn't that bad at all; it's just having the effort to get up a bit earlier and go, especially as they don't have an online store. *cries* As well as their cheap prices, Primark always has something I like and I have to purchase. On this occasion I left happily with 14 items in my bag.

I picked up a 'sweet champagne candle' only because the glass was purple! If I see something purple when I'm shopping I will instantly pick it up due to the fact it will match my room and it being my favourite colour. So I picked it up and found it's the sweetest smell I've ever smelt. It literally smells good enough to eat and I can't wait to light it so that the aroma fills my bedroom. 
I found hoodies in the women's section that I liked. IN THE WOMEN'S SECTION. I found them to be really light and easily found colours I wanted. Obviously they don't meet the American Apparel quality, but at the price of £8 I don't mind just replacing them when I need to. 
Not only did I buy a new pair of shoes, I bought two. I actually found a pair of cheap shoes, which weren't wide fit, that were a perfect fit! I was suprised as well as impressed so picked up a black pair too as well as many other bargains....

I can't have these until Christmas morning because Santa's keeping them safe for me! So for now, we'll just have to pretend no one saw anything. shhh!

  1. Green fashion sweat - £8
  2. Mini hair claws - £1
  3. White studded sleeveless shirt - £6
  4. Loop back zip thru (hoodie) - £8 each
  5. Long knitted socks - £4 
  6. Bow pumps - £5 each 
  7. Cosy socks - £2
  8. Sweet champagne candle - £2.50
  9. Cosmetic bags - £3 each
  10. Angelica baby blue nail polish - £1
  11. Sleeveless stretch vest tops - £2 

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