I'll be honest with you.... I don't really know what I'm doing. All I know is I am going to blog similar things I enjoy reading because otherwise what would be the point? 
These include product reviews, mainly beauty oriented. One thing I can assure you with regards to this; I won't lie. If I don't like a product and think it's rubbish I'll tell you. I won't benefit by telling you it's amazing and you should try it, and it certainly won't help you! 
I also enjoy do it yourself blogs; I myself study Textiles GCSE because of this inquisitive attribute towards making pretty little things. I love pinspire because of this as well - www.pinspire.co.uk and I'll try to give you some cute ideas or something along those lines. 

Generally I'll just blog about everything and anything; I'm not good at sticking to one thing as I'm certain you'll probably find out. As well as creating a blog for me as well as you I would love it and appreciate it very much if you could give me ideas or tag me in some of your posts you may want me to reply to. I hope you enjoy my blog as much as I'm sure I'll enjoy writing it.


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