Merry Monday


I won't deny that 'Feel Good Friday' blogs make me feel good but to be honest, I already feel quite happy on Fridays, after school's finished and my weekend's officially started. One day I can assure you I don't feel like this is Monday, when I wake up at 6:30 and realise that I've got to do the same thing for another 4 days after. Mondays truly are not 'feel good days' and even when I get home from school I don't feel any better. So why are there always photos and blogs for Fridays when, in my opinion, it's one of the few best days of the week? Well let us not think about this any further because this is my 'Merry Mondays' post, and even if it doesn't cheer you up, hopefully it will me! I definitely know I need these on Mondays. 

So what does 'merry' even mean?
When I hear the word it just reminds me of when Mum gets a bit tipsy, but I don't think even alcohol will help me with those Monday blues. 
According to my good friend Google, 'merry' means:
1. Cheerful and lively: "the streets were dense with merry throngs of students".(of an occasion or season)
2.Characterized by festivity and rejoicing: "he wished me a merry Christmas".

(I wish my Monday's were like this) So as I was sitting, doing all my homework, feeling fed up, I thought I'd put it to one side for a bit and find some happy quotes which would hopefully cheer me up and make me not feel so 'Monday miserable'.



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  1. what an awesome post :)
    really inspiring!


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